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Top 7 SEO Tips For Beginners To rank Their Website No.1 On Google Search Results

If you really want to be at the top of the ladder, it's not enough to look at the popular trends. To get the first rank on Google, promoters create a strategy to optimize their website for SEO because it will help you get more website traffic.

Now, the question that arises is how to rank your website and blog. Well, search engine optimization techniques have changed a lot. That is why we need to consult an expert to create the best SEO strategy for your business. We have added 7 best SEO tips for beginners that will help you rank your website at the top in 2019.

1. Concentrate on user query

To generate user queries, we have to understand the different types of user queries. Enter the keywords that our user is searching for and based on those keywords, we'll be able to identify what kind of content our audience wants. Well, there are 3 types of queries commonly discovered by users on the Internet.

Informative questions

In informative questions, people search Google for a specific topic. It can be a subject, subject and thesis. For example, people  "How to SEO "Can search.

Well, people are not searching for any shopping website or product which they are searching for specific information about their questions.

Navigational questions

In navigational queries, people review their choices by searching for specific types of content in search engines. For example,  "What is the best software for video editing?  0 "

However, many sites may include links to buy, but users are not pressured to buy. Facebook and "YouTube " is a known-recognized name for navigational questions.

Transaction questions

As I'm using the transaction term, you should have a question in people's minds – is it something about banking transactions?

is correct. So if you have credit cards in your pocket, be prepared to buy products. Suppose you  "Where do I buy the shoes from? rn "Means we are ready to pay for the product.

For example, online shopping websites sell their products that people want to buy. Such websites do not contain any information related to the blog.

Now, I hope you'll understand these 3 types of questions. You can customize your content for a better ranking of a website by using these 3 questions.

2. Internal linking of a website

I am a big fan of internal links. As we all know. "Content is a king in SEO. "Internal linking is a technology which is used exclusively in content marketing. Talk about what internal linking is and what impact it has on our website rankings. When we link our website from one page to another page in the same domain, it's called internal linking.

Why internal linking?

Internal linking is required for the website because it helps maintain the site's structure and publish the link. Internal linking can be done by creating a link to the website's header, navigation bar or footer.

How to do internal linking?

Create Long content

We must have a lot of internal pages if we want to create long content. For better internal linking, we will have to create more links on our site, it will help us to increase the page rank of our site, not raise. Visitors and performance of the site.

Apply anchor Text

The link should be descriptive so that people who visit your site know what the link is. We can also use keywords as part of anchor text in our pages.

Don't create too many links

will create too much internal link confusion for visitors coming to our site. Create an internal link in the way to always create balance.

Add contextual Links

Adding links related to your content is a better way to motivate users. Users who have received the benefit of your content will also check the relevant link.

Always link to old content

If you have old post content that relates to new content that you create, don't forget to add a link to that new content. This will help us draw more attention from the user.

3. Video Marketing

Video Marketing is one of the best sources of communication these days. With the advancement of the latest technology like smartphones or if I'm talking about social media whether it be Facebook or YouTube, it's easy to make videos for people.

Why Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is a tool where we can grow our business if we want to generate traffic and get a higher rank in the search engines.

How can we make video marketing?

Describe the video

If we translate videos on the first page of our site, we can receive huge traffic (not the number of visitors). When planning a business, most people prefer reading more than watching videos. Because people will know what the video is about and have a better understanding of the particular content.

Meta Title and description

We all know about Meta title and description in SEO. We also have to do the same in video marketing. It is simple and requires very little time. The meta title must be 55 characters or less, and the meta description must be 155 characters or less. Google also displays a thumbnail for the video results. Thumbnails allow smaller images to turn into a larger. We should create a custom thumbnail that defines the video content, attracts an audience.

Create a video sitemap on the website

Video sitemaps include the title, description, and thumbnail of a particular video. By creating a video sitemap to submit it to the Google console, we can tell Google on our video's rating, content, time-consuming video.

Adding videos to social media platforms

If we add videos to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, we will get a huge amount of backlinks for our website as people share our videos on different sites.

4. Site Speed

The speed of the site is also an important factor for SEO. If our site takes longer to load, people run away from our website. 1-second delay in page load will drop 10% in conversion.

Things to remember when working at site Speed:

HTTP Request

If our site has a large number of pictures, scripts, stylesheet, and attachments, it takes a long time for our site to load because Web pages spend the time to download images and other things in the site. We can do the analysis by right-clicking on the site and then clicking on Inspect. We can view all files using the Name column and size column (shows the column size).

Minimize files

Reducing a file means deleting unnecessary free space and code from our site. HTML, CSS and JavaScript files play an essential role to check the presence of our website. They also help us figure out how many do not. Visit our site of visitors.

Let the pressure begin

If our files are small, then our page will load faster. Compression occurs in one or more data that are smaller than the original file. Gzip is one of them. This software is an application that creates similar code in our text files and replaces the code to shorten the files. Most traffic passes through a browser that supports Gzip.

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5. Google Search Console

The Google search console is a well-known tool in digital marketing. If you don't know what the Google search console is then you don't need to worry people because I'm here.

Login to Google Search Console

To add your site to the Google search console, we need to login to Jiesasi and "Add a property Choose After you click Add an asset, paste your site URL and then verify your site.

The URL can be verified in 3 ways.

  • Upload a small piece of code to the head section.
  • Upload a unique HTML file.
  • Add a text record to your domain settings.
  • Set the preferred domain
  • The version you chose will appear on the search results. It can be or

Set your goal

We need to set up our target country which means which country our website is targeting. Contains:

Type content by language. (English, Germany, French)

Choose the country where you don't get a higher number. of Backlinks.
Your server location.

6. Voice Search

Now a day, it's easier to speak for a person than to type for any question. Google Voice search is a feature provided by Google. We have the spoken voice command  Can find your query through "Ok Google."

The things that you should remember when using voice SEO for our site.

Customization of structured data

Voice Search Optimization Your topics are special/ Making it relevant to Google for the keyword. Sitemap plays an important role. We create a sitemap for your site and submit this sitemap to the Google search console.

Mobile Friendly:

Sometimes it is not possible for the user to type their query. So to overcome this issue creates a site that should be mobile friendly. Remember that you must have a certain name so that users can easily pronounce the brand name.

The kind of customer thing to do 

For voice search optimization, we have to think like a customer. Voice search should be able to drag results easily. Make sure that Google can quickly read and understand the content by answering the questions that users find.

Customization of online reviews and directories

If we want to rank our site in the top 3 in the search engines, we use the directory. Customizing the directory is a key to be displayed at the top. Keep a record of online reviews because the voice assistant, such as Alexa use third-party review, and these reviews help users find the results.

7. Google Plus

Google Plus is an important and powerful tool because it's a Google product. It gives a hard bump to other social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter and improves our SEO rankings.

Why Google Plus?

Improve page ranking:
All links in Google plus a  "Do follow  "The techniques are kept together. This helps us increase the visibility of a site. If i  "No follow  "Am talking about Twitter with strategy, so it is not able to pass ranks on our site via Twitter.

Impact on our site

Google Plus helps us to provide a graphical display of our company's brand. People can access our site through Google's network which will affect our search results.

Measure the social signal

Measuring social signals through Google Plus is quite easy. With the advancement of social signals, Google Plus has become the best social networking platform. People who have tweeted, posted or liked by the Google search engine are checked out. This will result in a good ranking of our site.


We've discussed the top SEO tips for beginners that will help them rank their websites on the first page of Google. These suggestions are displaying all the necessary points that need to be taken into account. If you still find it difficult to rank on Google. Get our best search engine optimization services at nominal cost. We are the best digital marketing company in India.


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