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Proven Tips To Optimize Your Website For Voice SEO

The world of SEO is often changing at a fast pace. Let's think of it as an example that people in the first days of the internet used to search the Internet using long phrases. For instance, they  "My city's best shoe company  "Like the search used to be. But after a long time almost ten years ago they tended to search the web with short phrases like the same single keyword or some keyword. "The best. Shoe company. "However, now one day some voice search tools come into existence. These tools have transformed the world of SEO completely. "Now people are searching like this. "The best shoe company near me.

1. Use People also ask box

Whenever we ask something on the competitive and most popular keywords in the Google search engine. Google then provides us with a box that  "People ask.  This box helps us find out what people are searching, for now, a day with the help of voice search.
In this, we've searched off page SEO, and we've found that people also ask the box at the bottom of position 1 result. This box is very useful to you, but remember that this box is not visible with local search results.

2. Speed plays a key Role

Google likes fast website speed. If you want to optimize your website for voice search SEO, then it should be loaded as soon as possible. If it takes five seconds to load, the user's 90% bounces back from the site. Google has already declared that they prefer the fast loading website instead of the slow loading website. The user likes to stay on the site that loads in less than a second. Tools to check your page speed:
  • Google Page Insight
  • Think with Google mobile test
  • Pingdom
These tools will provide you with the following details to optimize your page speed
  • Invest in a content delivery network.
  • Cut HTTP requests.
  • Allow compression.
  • Leverage browser caching.
  • Minimize server response time.
  • Use a fast web host. Optimize images by reducing their size.

3. Optimize for Mobile

Optimize your website for mobile devices. Most voice search is on a mobile device. Users use software such as Apple Siri, Google support, Alexa, Kortana, and so on. All of this software typically uses with mobile devices. So your website should be mobile optimized. Brain Dean has fully demonstrated mobile SEO. You can check your mobile's Google mobile friendliness test to optimize the site.

4. Use of

Schema mark up is playing an important role to rank the website for specific keywords. This helps Google better understand the content. Too many schema marks up are available, and each one effectively plays its own role. Here's how to use the schema for your website.

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5. Write In-depth Content

Google loves the depth of approximately 2000 words. Because Google feels as much as the depth of the content will be trustworthy for the user. If your content is deep enough and satisfies the user's intent. Besides, in-depth content is always displayed that your content is valuable to the user and it also helps you reduce your bounce rate. Also if the content is deep there will always be a chance that the user will share. Depth content is important for website optimization for voice search.

6. Use LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are keywords that are strongly associated with the subject of the page. For example, if you are writing content on a digital marketing topic, you may have the following LSI keywords, i.e., SEO, search engine, mobile marketing, rank, traffic, bounce rate, etc. The LSI keyword in website optimization for voice search plays a big role.
Here's how you can do LSI keyword research by using the following tools:-
• LSI Graph
• Google search bar
• Google keyword planner
• Ubersuggest

7. Perfect Your Local SEO

40% users use voice search to search for a local business nearby. That is why it becomes necessary to customize your local SEO. There are positive reviews on our Google Business page plus points. Tools to use for local SEO
• Google My Business
• Bing Places
• Moz Local

8. Long Tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword is a keyword that contains 3 or more words for a query. For example  "Which is the best digital marketing agency.  0 "Most keyword tools will show the search volume for this specific keyword. Because those free keyword tools have a few limits on pay. People are more likely to search interactively on search engines. That's why the value of long tail keywords is becoming more important for website optimization for voice search. Tools for detecting long-tailed keywords.
• Semrush
• Ahrefs
• Brightedge

9. Optimize for Google Amp

Google amp is a framework provided by Google. This is a framework that makes the website to load faster than ever before. Most amp pages were loaded with less than 3 seconds. Also, Google shows high results in voice search. The best part of an amp is that you don't need to create a separate copy of your website for the amp. You can turn your traditional HTML code into AMP HTML code. This is the most important part of optimizing for voice search.

10. Provide a quick answer

Voice search for users is all about instant results.  If your site is paying the attention to the user's query, but the answer is at the bottom of the page, your website may have a higher bounce rate. Quick reply can be a text, image, video or infographic in any format but it must be on the first folding of the page.

Let’s Sum Up

Applying all these ways will not only help you optimize your website for mobile search. But it also helps you in website optimization for voice search. So what are you waiting for? Apply these methods to your website and start getting results. Check the progress of your website using Google Analytics and the Google search console. If you need any help regarding voice SEO you can contact us the best digital marketing agency in India.



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