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Types Of Social Media Sites Exists In The World

As we all know, nowadays social media channels have high strength and efficiency. The social media channel promotes your business. Well, marketers are also looking for different types of social media channels through which they can convince their customers and increase their business.

I believe that you are very well aware of all the people from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn. However, suppose if I am a marketer and my firm, the social media platforms, as I have discussed above, are not enough to target audiences only.

To explore your business, I'll also need to use some of the other social media channels. In this blog, I'll tell you some social media marketing that helps you grow brand awareness and your business.

Media Sharing Networks: Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram

Media sharing network helps us in lead generation, targeting, audience engagement and brand building. We can share media online including live video and photos. Most posts on relationship networks start with the text, Instagram, and even Snapchat with a video or image. Users can add their content like the mention of other users and filters that make you like a stormy. From audience reviews and resources, we can decide whether or not these networks are beneficial to us.

Discussion Forums: Quora, Digg, Reddit

These types of social media channels are used to share, discover and discuss audience ideas, news stories and ideas. These forums are the oldest way to run social media marketing campaigns. Whether it's Facebook before the social media network, Twitter or Instagram, these forums were places where experts and professionals had a different discussion on different topics whether it be professional or social. There are a large number of users of these discussion forums. These are the places that answer the various questions asked by the audience. If you want to do in-depth customer research for your business, then the discussion forum is one of the coolest platforms for your business. These forums are also useful in advertising your business.

Bookmarking and Content Curation Network: Flipboard, Pinterest

These networks are essential for website traffic, driving brand awareness and customer engagement. If we want to search, save, share new trading content, we can use the bookmark and the content curation network. These networks are the center of creativity and inspiration for those who never seek ideas and ideas. You'll open new channels for audience and customers and brand awareness. For example, Pinterest helps people discover, share, and save visual content.

If you want to start working with Pinterest, your website should be bookmark-friendly. These include customizable illustrations and headlines on the blog and share your content. You should always pay attention to the feature of images on your blog.

Customer Review Networks: Zomato, TripAdvisor

You can share information about brands, products, services, travel destination, and restaurants. You can resolve all issues quickly with the unhappy consumer. By reviewing whether it is positive or negative, you will take your decision. Based on reviews, we can build our network as the central part of the price.

Now a day, location-based review services like trip-advisor and Jomato are continually growing. More users consult with their friends for the best lunch spot recommendations. 88% consumer trusts rely only upon online reviews. Review content is right for your brands as this will affect the number of new buyers more.

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Publishing and Blogging Networks: WordPress, Medium,Tumblr

Content marketing can be a very effective way to build your brand, lead and generate sales. We can publish branded content online through publishing and blogging networks. These networks include WordPress, social media platforms such as medium and blogger. Content marketing enhances the visibility of our business through blogs. This is a niche for your organization and visitors who can also help discover specific information.

Interest-based Networks:, Houzz and Goodreads

With the help of an interest-based network, we can connect with people who have the same interest or interests. We can find our target audience who want to know more about your organization's products or services. Because of this fact, interest-based networks are one of the best networks for engaging audiences and create brand awareness. Using these networks, we can focus on products or services such as books, training, digital marketing strategies, and more. If you are a home designer, Houj is an excellent platform for you. You can browse the work of other designers, connect with the people who are looking for our services and also create a collection of your work if your soul loves music, the last. 

Social Shopping Networks: Fancy, Polyvore, and Etsy

E-commerce sites appear on many other social media networks. For example, call action features by Instagram and make a purchase now and purchase the buttons and Bayebal pins provided by Pinterest. Palivor is one of the most important social site communities on the Internet. This creates the integration between the social experience and the buyer experience together. You can also generate your own content. For example, create collages, share them, and publish as a set with other people.

Sharing Economy Networks: Uber, Taskrabbit and Airbnb.

If you want to offer your services to people, this network is an excellent approach to starting your business. For example, if you hire your own properties, we can use AIRBNB. Sharing economy networks is also called the Collaborative Economy network. This network connects people online by purchasing, selling, advertising their products and services. The sharing economy network becomes more popular as people start relying on online reviews. You can view other networks to generate more leads.


Now you may have a better idea of how many types of social media networks are on the Internet. You can also consider why we use them. So beware of using these networks. I would also advise you to use them as per their guidelines. If you are still not able to use these networks you can get the help of our social media experts team.We are considered into one of the best digital marketing company in India. Before letting off of reading, there is a question for you – what type of social media networks do you use more often?


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